Food Truck by Marilyn

A few months ago my brother began building a food truck for my nephews. The eight year old, Ivan, “loooves” food and asked his dad to build them a food truck. My brother had never built anything like this before so with the help of friends and YouTube he began the project. After weeks of work the grand opening was yesterday.


The theme of the truck is video game food with Wolverine’s Clawbob (chicken kabob), Michael Angelo’s Pizza and Lightsaber Dog as entrees and Pokepuffs (macaroons) for dessert. Initially the prices were gentrified prices like $6 for a glass of milk. However, my brother and sister in law were able to reason with the kids and everything is now $1 except for the Halonade which is $.50 and according to Ivan ” we weren’t allowed to get the blue stuff, which was aliens blood, so we got organic lemonade instead.” I think I would have paid $6 for aliens blood but they couldn’t get the blue stuff. Luka, the 10 yr old, and Ivan both came up with the menu but Ivan has been more involved in the project. He is the owner and Luka is the co-owner. Ivan took his grand opening serious. He forced everyone, except children, to pay because “everyone must have at least a dollar” and he even had receipts. When we asked him why he wanted a food truck he said because he wants to make money to buy things for his family. He also told us he “adores” food, he loves video games and one day he will be a chef. His food role model is Bobby Flay and he enjoys watching Iron Chef America. It was nice seeing my family support my nephews ideas. This is the nurture we all need to thrive. We only need one person to believe in us and now imagine having a whole family that believes in you and supports your dream… my hopes are that with our support my nephews have the confidence and freedom to take risks and strive for what they want.

Written by Marilyn

Photos by Joanna


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