Dormant Inspiration 

I’m trying to write while I’m uninspired. If you know me well, you know I feel un-inspired when I have nothing home cooked in my fridge. I have the potential to make a great meal but I don’t have the inspiration. Instead I eat unhealthy and that causes nothing but stomach problems. Which in turn causes me to lose sleep. Which causes me to feel tired. Which contributes to the un-inspiredness .

When my inspiration is dormant my diet usually consists of coffee, cheese, crackers, bread, olives, salami, and cereal. Repeat. It’s a delicious diet but my stomach doesn’t host it very well and after a few days the food becomes the unwanted guest and I begin to lose my taste buds. It’s always a reminder to me that what I put in my body plays a role in how I feel. It’s easy to get stuck in this cycle. But I allow myself a week and then I make myself a salad. From there I pick myself back up again and begin nourishing my body with healthy food and everything gets balanced again.

I always know my moments of un-inspiration are not permanent. An amazing meal is always days away. Balance is reachable. Sleep is possible. Sometimes I just take myself to the farmers market to break the cycle but if it’s a serious dormant period i’ll just have a pupusa and leave. At least I tried.



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