Breakfast Torta / Addy

Fresh Bolillos/French baguette

Scrambled Eggs with melted cheese

Fried Weenies

Shredded Lettuce

Assemble and add your favorite condiments, preferably Mayo and Ketchup

As we walked in through the door my eyes immediately darted to the pan dulce Addy had set up for us on the table, she was already my favorite person. It was my first time meeting Addy but the warm way everyone spoke about her made me feel as though we had met many times before.

As Addy began to cook, I asked where the Breakfast Torta came from. She told us about how when she was little a girl, her mother would make this for her and her brother to eat for breakfast before school. Her mother would get up around 4 in the morning everyday to make breakfast and pack meals for the family, then leave for work before anyone got up, only to come back and prepare dinner, clean and prep for the next day. The Breakfast Torta was her favorite because it had “weenies.”

As I watched Addy crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk them, I could see her thinking about what she was saying, the thoughts rolling around in her head “I never realized how much my mom did for us” she said. “The one thing my mother would always make sure of was that we were fed.”

After all the ingredients were cooked, Addy thoughtfully constructed each of our tortas, scooping out the meat from the fresh bolios, layering the torta with the scrambled eggs with melted cheese, sliced fried sausages, and shredded lettuce. She did this carefully for each  of our tortas. I watched how gently her hands worked in making this meal, almost maternally. Jokingly, Marilyn and I called her “Mom.”

As the tortas were set on the table, I began to eat mine. Being the bad child that I am, I was scolded for not having manners and waiting for our generous host. But the tortas looked just too good to wait. As I settled my excitement, Addy joined us to eat and we chatted a little more about her mom. Listening to Addy retell her memory of her mom made me think of mine and all the sacrifices she made for me growing up. “Lo que aguantamos las mujeres!” I said “What we endure as women!” I realized I had no idea what I was talking about because our own mothers, mine and Addy’s, had taken that hardship off of our shoulders so we could sit here, savoring this meal, and sharing their stories.

For as simple as the Breakfast Torta was, it was emotional and sentimental to sit with the memory of what it meant to Addy. That feeling stayed with me for days, and I felt a great sense of compassion for Addy’s mom, for my mom, and for all the moms who sacrifice so much to make sure their children our fed and taken care of. God Bless all moms and their Breakfast Tortas, everywhere. Amen.


Written by Joanna and photos by Marilyn


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