Mole Veggie Tacos 

Mole Veggie Tacos Ingredients

Veggies: broccoli, mushrooms, bell pepper, Mexican squash
Black beans
Your choice of ready made mole

Sautee the veggies in pepper, heat up can of beans, heat up mole, heat up tortillas and prepare your taco. Top it with avocado.

“I’m gay” Nehemias said to me, with a nervous laugh and blushing, when he was 11 and I was 10. I was the first person he came out to. We were at a mall and it took him a few walks around the mall for him to finally tell me what was on his mind that day. It was a courageous moment for him and the only encouraging words I knew to say at the age of 10 were “ I already knew, you’re the only one who sings Backstreet Boys songs with me.”

Fast forward 20 years later and we are now in my kitchen and he’s making me his special meal. He chose this meal because it was the first meal his boyfriend made for him. On their second date Johnny made Nehemias the one of two meals that he knows how to cook, mole veggie tacos.

Nehemias still remembers the giddiness and excitement both him and Johnny felt when Johnny made him this meal and it was played it out in his own mannerisms while making it for us. It was beautiful seeing my cousin so in love and happy. While he cooked we told stories about our Guatemalan American childhood and Johnny got to learn more about my cousin like the most common meals in his household, that we would play “Jerry Springer,” with Nehemias as Jerry and how he’d even give us his final thought, and that “Welcome to the Dollhouse” was one of our favorite movies. Johnny learned that we were good christian kids.

In turn we got to learn about Johnny and his culture and how it’s not appropriate to make fun of your siblings weight, which was shocking to us, and how his dad approved of shopping at shops that were ran by the “Italian Mobsters” because chain stores ripped you off too much.

When the food was ready Nehemias was meticulous about how he arranged the table. The turnout was beautiful, the veggies were colorful and the overall feeling was warm and comforting. We sat down to eat and before digging in Nehemias said the following grace: “Thank you me for bringing the stuff here, thank you Marilyn for paying your rent and having a cool place to hang out, thank you Jo for hanging out with Marilyn, and Johnny thank you for sharing this meal with me.” We then each had the freedom to assemble our own taco, some of us putting more mole or less beans, and with joy took our first bite.


The tacos were delicious. The taste of the mole with the vegetables and avocado was refreshing and the food held a sense of peace and comfort. I’m a true believer that we can pass our feelings into our food (that is why we shouldn’t cook mad) and I definitely felt the love in that meal.

When we were done with the tacos Nehemias brought out dessert, flan with a hint of saffron. As the wine and dessert finished, our eyes smaller because we were all tired from a long work week, we decided to end the night scrolling through pictures of Rob Kardashian when he was hot.It was another inspiring night of strengthening relationships through food.

Written by Marilyn and photos by Joanna


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